u-Engine - 7 Days To Die 2016-09-24

Support only Alpha 15 (b88)

  1. Breaker
    --- 24.09.2016 (uEngine for 7 Days To Die v1.2.16.18176)

    [*] Updated to Alpha 15 (b88).

    --- 04.08.2016 (uEngine for 7 Days To Die v1.0.16.4005)

    [*] Configuration files of uEngine moved from "data/" to "savedata/".

    --- 27.07.2016 (uEngine for 7 Days To Die v1.0.16.4005)

    [*] Chat command "/destroy" now enable one-shot kill for admins.

    [+] Added chat commands:
    /damage: Enable/disable display damage messages in chat.

    [+] Added new variable "Damage.Override" for "server.cfg".
    Enable/disable override default damage system (all damage will be increased by new formule).
    Default: Damage.Override=false

    [+] Added new variable "Damage.Multiplier" for "server.cfg".
    Multiplier of new damage system.
    Default: Damage.Multiplier=1.0

    --- 25.07.2016 (uEngine for 7 Days To Die v1.0.11.2778)

    [+] Added chat commands:
    /give: Give item for specified player. Syntax:
    /give <itemNameOrId> [<amount>] [<quality>]
    /give <player> <itemNameOrId> [<amount>] [<quality>]

    --- 22.07.2016 (uEngine for 7 Days To Die v1.0.11.2778)

    [+] Added new variable "Items.OnGround.Limit" for "server.cfg".
    Removing nearby items on ground when amount on ground reach this limit, 0: disabled.
    Default: Items.OnGround.Limit=0

    --- 21.07.2016 (uEngine for 7 Days To Die v1.0.10.2501)

    [+] Added chat commands:
    /help: Displays help about chat commands. Syntax: /help <command>
    /ping: Displays ping.
    /suicide: Suicide.
    /day: Show number of days remaining before zombie waves.
    /temp: Toggle temperature unit (celsius, fahrenheit). Syntax: /temp [C|F]
    /save: Initiate a save of world.
    /mute: Mute specified player in chat.
    /unmute: Unmute specified player in chat.
    /destroy: Enable/disable destroy mode for blocks owned you.
    /kick: Kick specified player from server.
    /kickall: Kick all players from server.
    /kill: Kill specified entity by id or player by name.
    /killall: Kill all entities and players on server.
    /time: Get or set a game time.
    /admin: Add or remove admim with permission level. Syntax: /admin [list|add|remove] <player> <level>
    /permission: Set permission level for specified user.
    /reload: Reload specific configuration. Syntax: /reload [cfg|permission|xml]

    [+] Added new variable "Players.SaveMode" for "server.cfg".
    Save mode of players data (0: default, 1: save players with world).
    Method 1 can block dupe items by players when server save world without saving players data.
    Default: Players.SaveMode=0

    [*] Now main ".xml" files of server configurations will be copied to "/Savedata/Config" folder for loading.
    This can keep your server changes in XML during server update from steam or other situations.

    --- 15.07.2016 (uEngine for 7 Days To Die v1.0.4.986)

    Development started.